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    Server exploited


    Someone exploited my dedicated server. He made few syomlinks to essential files under the root. I have removed those symlinks.

    Can you guys show me how to search for symlinks inside all public_html of all accounts.

    In addition, what should I do to improve security of my server. someone told me that there are out of the box default config that are security unsafe; how can I remove these config and secure the server.

    Thank you

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    Almost everyone here would suggest that you completely wipe and restore your server, without question, if it has been rooted.

    If you are using cPanel, I would suggest installing CSF/LFD after you wipe and reload your OS:

    Hope this helps, good luck.

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    If the attacker gained root you're better off deploying a new server and hiring a server management company to keep things secure. Security is not a one time thing, it's an ever changing process that constantly has to be worked on. Also, once a server has been rooted it should never be trusted again, despite any reassurances from various root kit checkers, etc. Play it safe, start off fresh.
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    YOu could use find / -type l, but resetup wins anyway.
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    I agree a server that has been rooted cannot be trusted time to wipe...

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    You could try this tutorial too. The tutorial works with dedicated servers as well.

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