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    Is anyone else using Google App Engine as a web host?

    I am considering moving my business site to google app engine

    Has anyone else experimented with this? How did you find it?

    The free quotas are very impressive indeed. Enough resources to handle 5 million requests per month... completely ad-free, either using master/slave datacenter replication or spreading it across 3+ datacenters globally... that is impressive right?

    If they gave it more of a "tech" feel and made it more user friendly like Cpanel or RackspaceCloud i think it could become more mainstream for static sites and not just "applications"

    Until i read this entry: i didn't even know it was possible to host a static site there, i always considered an application to be some sort of dynamic database driven script type thing.

    Discuss! =)

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    Interesting, and thanks for the link. AWS just recently did something similar to their S3 stuff (friendly urls), although this one-ups it in case you want to serve dynamic content.

    Depending on how much traffic you have though, be careful about the per minute quota for bandwidth. 56 MB / minute, while it sounds like a lot, isn't that much for multiple users. Mind you, you can go billed which raises the limit substantially.

    All said, this looks like something good for a very low key presence site. I might try it out just for kicks. Thanks!

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