Testers with LiteSpeed web server needed!

1H.com main products Hive Server Optimization and Guardian Server Monitoring are now compatible with LiteSpeed web server. We are looking for people using LiteSpeed for beta testing of the new release. You will receive 3 months free use of the products on up to 5 servers if you help us test them during the next month.

If you are interested sign up at:


and let me know by replying here or on a PM for further install instructions.

Hive Server Optimization: Host more accounts and be more secure

1H Hive is 1H best-seller for shared hosting providers. It can help you increase the density on a shared server by applying resource limitations. At the same time it will increase your server security and performance through customized chroot account isolation and optimized execution of the PHP processes. Hive has helped some of our customers to increase with 40% the number of accounts hosted on their servers and thus save big on hardware. At the same time the websites of their customers have started to load faster and they were much more protected from hacker attacks.

Learn more about Hive at: http://1h.com/products/hive

Guardian Server Monitoring: Downtime resolved in less than a second

Our most popular tool Guardian is the fastest server monitoring and reaction system. It checks server status on every 0.5 seconds, which is radically faster than the usual monitoring tools used in the hosting industry: (e.g. Nagios checks every minute, and the cPanel built-in monitoring system every 5 minutes). Additionally, Guardian automatically reacts when server load is higher than normal or an unresponsive service is detected. By using Guardian you can have most of the common problems affecting your servers' uptime solved in less than a second without human intervention.

Learn more about Guardian at: http://1h.com/products/guardian

Thank you!