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    Looking for Job - Game Server Experienced


    My name is Nick D, I am 18 years old, and I am looking for any job openings, preferably in the game server field. I have had almost half a year of experience with GSPs doing support and sales through Kayako LiveResponse and WHMCS.

    Here is a list of my qualifications:

    *Linux experience (SSH, Bash, gparted, etc)
    *Live Chat experience as sales and support
    *WHMCS experience as sales and support
    *Tickrates for Source servers
    *cPanel experience (some reseller experience, most personal)
    *Excellent English skills
    *Literate in Computer Hardware and Software (Majoring in Computer Science and Computer Engineering in college)

    Aside from that, some personal details:

    *Dedication to work (Not trying to be cliche, I don't see the value in working if you won't do it right)
    *IB student
    *Eagle Scout as of 2/21

    Pay can be flexible on a commission or salary basis, as long as I get paid and you're satisfied with my work, I won't complain. I am going to be in school for some time so the hours may lean towards evening/graveyard shifts but I'm willing to work anything out.

    Please send me an email at nick [at] if you're interested. Thanks in advance!

    -Nick D

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    I recommended you check out GSPTalk for any game server related questions.

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