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    Hi All,

    please who post positive feedback about the stupid soft layer dont do that until you be sure what you are using and what you are facing.

    please before continue reading or using softlayer go ahead and read there stupid SLA they dont guarantee up-time and there support faraway from knowing what they do or even able to reply accurate question or support you in critical issues.. been using soft-layer for 1-2 year with many servers there and the way there route disconnect is impossible to be detected because "error last only for few seconds witch can't be tracked"

    been thinking its DB problems at server or application problem but now i am 1000% sure its problem from there side i have full logging and history and trace route for the past 30 days and servers lost connectivity many many times for few seconds each witch affect users experience and all hosted applications

    Take Care and if you wanna see this report do let me know

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    Just want to add some additional information for people thinking about going with SoftLayer.

    We've been hosted with SoftLayer for I think 2 years now. Most of that time has been at the Dallas network, and I could not be more impressed with the quality of the server, support, etc. Big Thumbs up.

    A few months ago however, we got a new server at SoftLayer, which was placed in the Seattle network (was placed there by SoftLayer by accident; but we didn't have a reason to care so we didn't say anything).

    For 2 months we have experienced systematic and regular periods of severe packet loss which makes reaching the server impossible. This lasts for 10 minutes or so and then disapears.

    Because SoftLayer has always been so top notch it took us a while to even realize the problem was with the SoftLayer network. Eventually it was clear and pretty easily demonstrable that it was -- and it turns out we eventually stumbled on the 20 page thread in the private SoftLayer forum where other people had been experiencing the same things.

    It took us quite a while to get support at SL to even acknowledge the problem (which was a little unusual since our past experience with them has been so good).

    Now I should say that the upper level support people have always been very professional and very understanding, and never dismissive -- and they have said they will help us move our server.

    But they don't seem to have a handle on this packet loss problem, and it does seem to be affecting a fair number of people. And I think it's something potential new customers should be aware of.

    I have no idea how widespread the problem is on the SoftLayer network, how many people it affects, what the cause is (overselling bandwidth, bad infrastructure, ddos, etc.), and whether it's going to be fixed anytime soon (or at all).

    From what I can gather, SoftLayer doesn't know either -- at least not that they are saying.

    So take that for what it's worth and maybe at least if you are going to become a SoftLayer customer, you might want to spend some initial days with your new server testing if you are going to be suffering from the packet loss problem before you go to the trouble of setting everything up.

    All in all, I still have a high regard for SoftLayer, but this continuing issue has definitely dampened that, and made me think that they may have over-extended themselves in the rush to expand and get bigger. But I'm only basing that on the limited knowledge I have of what's going wrong.
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