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    Confirm Mail server + different website setup

    Hi Experts, I wanted to confirm how to do this right... (if its possible)

    I have VPS-A - runs my cpanel/WHM with the nameserver and domain

    I have VPS-B - runs the website with

    In the DNS, I have the A record for the website There isn't a mail server on that website VPS-B, but I'd like to create email accounts on VPS-A.

    Would i create an A record with VPS-A Ip, and change the MX record in the DNS to say ?

    I want it that when people to to it takes them to the website on VPS-B, but if they send mail to it goes to VPS-A mailboxes (within Cpanel user account)

    Sorry - I have Question 2. I added to WHM (add DNS zone). How can I associate that Domain to the cpanel user account so I can create email addresses in Cpanel? I read to use "Modify account", but i go in there and I don't see any options for anything?? Just to search for a domain.

    ( I did search for this - but there are soooo many hits on so many of the key words).

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    well.. I decided to just go ahead and try it heh (with the MX setup as I had said) and it worked as I had thought (I was worried to cause an interruption of some sorts to the site).

    and figured out how to re-assign.. well.. i had to delete the DNS zone and re-add it with the proper owner selected

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