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    Google changed algorithm - how will this affect you?

    Google yet again made change to their page ranking algorithm, to fight low quality sites -
    How will this affect you?
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    Minor changes made by Google, hasn't effected our marketing strategies that much but there is a noticeable difference to the Google algorithm

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    Its a good move by Google to eliminate spammy sites and was much needed. I must say its almost a welcome sigh for all the white hatters
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    From what I can tell the changes have given us a boost. What a pleasant little surprise
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    Google's recent change page ranking algorithm is real award for those webmaster who believe in offering the unique and good information to their visitors. It is good sign for both webmasters and visitors.

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    A lot of people see these changes and give up because they lose their rankings. we can take advantage of this by being persistent and continuing to focus on high quality content sites for links.

    I have seen a drop in my Hubpages traffic too, and I use them quite a bit. Sites come and go in popularity, which is why it is best not to rely on any one source of traffic as you go about your link building.

    I have personally seen a jump in a lot of my rankings although some have gone up and some have gone down.

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    There wont be major changes in your ranking positions unless the new update has found something that shouldn't be in your site, that includes duplicate content issues.
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    This was a welcomed change to keep the spammy sites down in the ranking. The most interesting part of the blog post was.

    "Its worth noting that this update does not rely on the feedback weve received from the Personal Blocklist Chrome extension, which we launched last week."

    I hope this never gets used in there rankings. I hope they don't allow users to directly have an impact of rankings could not reflect on the quality of the web site but if they had the information the user was looking for.

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    Most of my SERPs have increased since google made these changes. I'm actually happy with them.

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    Changes may have moved up a site ahead of mine. I don't really know the reason but it's very annoying being behind two other sites when I have the most content and activity. My domain is the newest though.

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    if you are giving unique informative content and avoiding spam link then no need to worry for you

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