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    Need Dedicated server in Pakistan

    Hello all, Im looking for a dedicated server in PAKISTAN, not a company which is located in Pakistan and offers servers somewhere else, The server should be located in Pakistan. Because i want gameservers on it so no other place will do.

    Im not looking for colocation, i need dedicated server.
    Xeon 2.6 dual core
    16gb ram
    1000gb hdd

    Or let me know any premium bandwidth providers in Pakistan.

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    Maybe contact PTCL? Or the guys at federation house clifton karachi:

    Looks like they haven't update their site since 2004 The prices are extremely high as well.

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    I suggest you US based server for best uptime
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    peers would be extremely high for gaming servers from a US server. try europe? pings should be sub 50
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    I'm not expert for your local market but I would like to recommend you to check some local based forums and blogs and I'm sure you will be able to get more information from there.
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