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    * UK Based VPS Host with Direct Admin

    I am looking for a UK based host with DirectAdmin (unlimited), does anyone have any recommendations?

    I am moving from Dreamhost (Based in the US) and currently have a VPS using their CP, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage and 512mb RAM - $15pm

    The best deals I have found so far are:

    Xenvz - 14 - 512mb RAM - 30GB - 500GB Bandwidth
    Xenvz - 22 - 1024mb RAM - 40GB - 1000GB Bandwidth
    WizzVps - 9 - 320mb RAM - 20GB - 250GB Bandwidth
    WizzVps - 12 - 480mb RAM - 30GB - 400GB Bandwidth

    Many thanks for your time,
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    What is your monthly budget? It must be DirectAdmin or are you comfortable with cPanel?

    - Daniel
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    I really prefer DirectAdmin as I consider myself an intermediate user and cPanel seems to have too many buttons for things you could just run at a shell, I have also been advised it is quite heavy on the server.

    However for a good price could be persuaded otherwise?

    My current budget is somewhere between 15 and 35 a month - Dependant on what is offered!

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    Does it have to be in US or any other EU location will be ok?

    However if you need it in UK check|Virtual Private Servers|Dedicated Servers|
    Managed Hosting Solution|24/7/365 Support
    Datacentar and servers location: Holland, Europe

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    I am sorry to tell you this, but there is nothing unlimited in this universe. Except maybe the universe itself.

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    I tried to find out even I got as per your requirement but I am unable to fine unlimited.

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    I think the OP means unlimited in terms of Direct Admin not the VPS itself.
    If you get a VPS with Direct Admin installed then you get the whole product to yourself so there will be no limits on number of domains, SQL etc. There will be a limit of course based on how much disk space and memory comes with that VPS.

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    I think BurstNet could be one of your choice? :: Cloud Hosting Reliable Xen VPS :: Serving Customer From More Than 40 Countries.
    Hosting Services Available in the USA ● Germany ● Malaysia ● Singapore and Hong Kong

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    Quote Originally Posted by CH Hosting View Post
    I think BurstNet could be one of your choice?
    Confirmed. We do offer DirectAdmin, and our UK services are located at (..not,, if you go looking for it there)

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    you may want to consider about support and performance (deal) besides only price (deal).

    price (okay) without support and performance (okay) = you cannot rely

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