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    Cisco ASA 5505 Routing Help

    I've got a /26 which is routed to a /30. I need to configure an ASA5505 to route the subnet and provide basic firewall functionality (all open at first, then will lock down). I do not wish to run NAT. I'm looking for a clear guide or a little help here. I haven't configured any cisco gear (besides switches) in a long time. Any help is greatly appreciated.


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    please help me!!!!!!!!!

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    I've got a /26 which is routed to a /30.
    Elaborate as to what exactly you mean..

    Also, in which mode do you wish to configure the firewall.. How many servers will be behind the firewall ?

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    A dozen or so servers. I need to assign the servers public ip addresses, as they are cpanel. I've been given a block of IP's that has been routed to an IP for me to assign to my WAN interface on the router. On the "inside" of the router would be the assigned subnet, and servers would use the ip assigned to the internal nic on the router as their default gw.

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    As the servers will be behind a firewall, you can configure them in the private LAN. What you will have to do is connect the server with the firewall. Access the server via a console OR a KVM. Configure the firewall and bring it online. Then you have to map the private IP's to the public ones..

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