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    Hello all

    This is my one month review

    in past one month i never get any downtime great network
    they provide 100mbps dedicated port you can use much you want
    i can brust full port

    -Support provide unmanaged server you need to manage by your hand
    ticket reply time 1 hour to 12 hour i dont like reply time

    if you want great Hardware in cheap prize is good
    they provide QUAD 2 CORE Q9550 only in $99.99 with 100mbps Dedicated port and 20000GB Bandwidth

    Overall is Good For me

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    That's a good price. This is your traditional trade-off between cost and level of support. As you well know, human labor is by far the most expensive part of hosting companies. This is why a server that costs $100 at one company would cost $500 at another company with "premium" support (24/7/365 with ticket response SLA). And then if you go from unmanaged-premium to managed, the prices would increase even more.

    I have used both ends of the spectrum, and they each have their uses. It will be difficult to find a host with the level of dedicated (personnel) support that you get with the top tier companies, while providing the price points competitive with Versaweb.

    Looks like a sensible review; you're getting what you're paying for.

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