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Thread: Metered PDU 20A

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    Metered PDU 20A


    I've been using Tripplite for couple years now and its great, we use pdumh20atnet and it acts great, but we need few now without remote rebooters, so what cheap option would you recommend ? It doesn't have to be tripplite.

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    You can use the same thing but the non-net version, which would save about $100.
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    Does this have to be a 0U or can it use rack space? If it can use rack space, check out Digital Loggers Ethernet Power Controllers. We plan to purchase about 10 of these. We've used them before with no issues. Not sure why we stopped using them.

    They feature remote reboot functions, but you can disable it.

    They also sell a 0U product, but it does not meter anything.
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