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    Watch out for Virpus

    So I've personally dealt with them for the last few weeks. They were recommended to me by someone that I know. The first week was pretty decent. I may have had a few incidents where the server was down for very little time. I recommended a really good friend of mine. One night while browsing their knowledge base he noticed their root password to one of their main servers was listed publicly. Along with numerous articles that should only be seen by employees. (This is when we should have all moved away) We did save those pages in case anyone wants proof.

    He started immediately having issues with his cPanel license and tons of downtime. He recently moved away from them.After showing me the support tickets and the horror stories he dealt with I was worried. Today, my services went down and it's now been over 6 hours. My original ticket was closed. No reason why. The only response I've been given is that they are looking into it. Nothing more. I posted on their public facebook, the post got taken down.

    You'd think this company is run by a bunch of children. Actually I come to find out it is being run by a kid that is only 21. Listen, do yourself a favour and stop promoting a 99.9 % uptime guarantee. Instead promote your 0.01 % Uptime Guarantee. Stop promoting wonderful support when in reality it's a joke. Stop promoting anything good from coming out of your company.

    I honestly thought DME was one of the worst budget VPS hosting companies out there but in reality the Virpus guys top the cake. Bad support. Bad management and Bad service. It's an all in one fail.

    Please stay away from them.

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    I really hope that virpus shold close their company
    or stop the business. especially they lost all of the data.

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    I never actually seen any reviews on them at WHT (im not saying there isn't any), but I thought they were at least a decent host.

    I am sorry that you are having all of that trouble with them and hopefully you will get it resolved soon! Let us know once you hear from them.

    - Daniel
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    2nd bad review about virpus in a row.

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    Virpus is fraud me

    Service Refund .......

    1 or 2 Month ago it not refund to me

    and send invoid to me


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