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Backup Teddy is the EASIEST way to Backup all your website files, databases, Dedicated servers, VPS's and more!

Safely backup unlimited gigabytes of data from your dedicated server or VPS in a way that does not require you have any technical skills. Anyone can set and run Backup Teddy! Setup takes 5 minutes!

Backup Teddy Features list:
  • Easily remotely backup your important PHP files, images and videos.
  • Backup your important configuration files like Apache/MySQL settings.
  • Painlessly backup your important MySQL databases automatically! You choose.
  • Backup multiple servers with one Backup Teddy account!
  • cPanel / DirectAdmin servers are a breeze. All control panels supported (and no CP too).
  • Uses Rsync – meaning incredibly quick backup times!
  • Compatible on all servers / VPS’s (including GoDaddy VDS, Future Hosting, SoftLayer, Burst VPS’s and plenty more!). Also compatible on shared hosting with “jailed shell access”
  • On-the-fly compression and encryption enroute to our secure backup location
  • Set and forget. Once setup, it will reliably backup your files at any interval. Daily, weekly, monthly etc – you choose!
  • Manage your account through our control panel
  • Your data is 100% safe and secure on RAID6 secure servers.
  • Concerned about critical database content? No problem, our optional encryption feature encrypts your databases on your server before their backed up - only you can decrypt them.
  • Newbie-friendly setup. Designed so absolute web hosting newbies can hop in and get their data backed up!
  • Quickly Restore or download your backed up files using popular FTP or rsync. It's easy!
  • The exciting Backup Teddy Utility lets you install, configure, and run your first backup in under 5 minutes! Tested on hundreds of machines.

More information on how our server backups work.

All our customers agree it’s a giant load off their mind once their Backup Teddy account is operating. So forget about being stressed or worried about not having a backup plan. Backup Teddy is fast to setup, and works reliably.

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Plans start at only $4.95p/m for 10GB for WHT users and gets cheaper per GB the more you buy.

Have any questions? Feel free to contact us via PM or via our website, otherwise use the link above to get your Backup Teddy account running and get backed up today!