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    Reliable windows VPS recommendations


    I need your help choosing a reliable and good performance Windows VPS hosting. Requirements:

    1. Windows 2008 Server
    2. Support ASP.NET 3.5/AJAX website
    3. Must contain SQL Server 2005 (2008 would be nice)
    4. Helpful and relatively fast support
    5. At least 40GB disk
    6. Memory: I guess at least 1GB
    7. Bandwidth: Hundreds of visitors a day
    8. Highest up time

    I've read recommendations in this forum mostly for companies supplying Linux hosting. Would be great to receive your recommendations according to the above spec.

    Thanks !

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    Your requirements are very doable. With regards to SQL Server, are you looking for SQL Express or SQL Web / Standard? It is important to note that there is licensing fee for all editions other than SQL Express. Do you have any location preference? Budget?
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    Budget and location

    Currently my budget is open.
    The website is intended for global use although key markets would be US(most) and UK(less).


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    James, can you answer the SQL question, as well?

    You may want to also consider providers that specialize in Windows platforms or have a good majority of their services in Windows.

    Also, when you contact any potential providers, ask 'em what kind of certifications their techs have when it comes to Microsoft. Ideally, you want MCSAs, though MCPs should be fine. If they tell you none or some are certified, you may want to move onto the next hosting provider.

    With your requirements, you need to get as much bang for your buck as possible, and solid (and nicely ceritified) Windows/Microsoft guys aren't easy to come by.

    Good luck in your hosting search!
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    The desired SQL version would be Standard or Web but not Express.

    Any suggestions other than HostDime ?


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    Quote Originally Posted by james1971 View Post
    Currently my budget is open.
    The website is intended for global use although key markets would be US(most) and UK(less).

    If this is your target market, I would suggest finding a provider located on the East Coast to get the best latency for both markets.
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    You can try this link to request quote from hosting providers.
    Cost of SQL Web edition should be around $25/month.
    You need at least 2GB RAM to run SQL server on the same VPS with moderate traffic.
    1GB RAM is ok for hundreds of visitors a day but if performance is important then i recommend 2GB Ram. Hyper-V SSD VPS USA London Singapore
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    Check out HostDime, they provide a solid and great service.

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