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    VPS from Lombard

    I need a xen VPS From USA (Lombard) :
    RAm : 128 Mb
    HDD: 10 GIG
    BW: 100 Gig

    Give your offers

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    Take a peek at the offers forum. Compile a list of 10-12 providers that may interest you. Contact each provider individually with a list of questions (make sure you ask for proof of uptime, if possible). See who responds back to you, not necessarily with how FAST... rather, how DETAILED/HELPFUL they respond back to you as. Obviously, time is a good consideration (be mindful that some companies have set sales hours vs having a 24 hour support team). This should allow you to get your potential candidates list down to 5-6 providers.

    Search for reviews on Google, Bing, WHT and other hosting forums (DigitalPoint, HostHideOUt, etc). Get your list brought down to 2-3 providers.

    Come on back and ask for reviews on those 2-3 providers and then you should be able to make an informed decision.
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    Nobody is able to offer you directly, you need to search for a provider that fits your needs, however people might recommend other companies.

    Check on the ads forums.
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