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    Suggestion on Dedicated servers

    Hello All,

    I am about to start a classified ad website and noticed that the script is very slow on the shared hosting platform so i have chosen to opt for a dedicated server.

    To be on the safe side and with the right price, I want to easily expand in case the site is a hit and also i don't want something crappy as first impression matters. Most importantly, the site targets a couple of cities in the US and Europe and I will like a host with good transatlantic links. Please I will appreciate your suggestions.

    I have looked in Hetzner and 1&1 but undecided at the moment are there any other companies with good prices out there?

    Thanks in advance.

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    If the classifieds are broken up by city (as I would expect), then it should be easy enough to use subdomains, like,, and, and forward people to one or the other when they click a given city. If you're really interested about speeds, this would be the best way to get the maximum speed, by hosting the site in two locations.

    If two locations is overkill for you, I totally understand that as well. To best serve both the US and Europe, the east coast of the US is a good choice. Ashburn or New York in particular I would recommend as the transatlantic cables tend to land there, but anything in the northeast should be fine generally. If you decide to host in Europe instead, the UK would provide the least latency to the US while also providing great performance to your European visitors.

    If your site is a hit, there are any number of things you can do to improve performance and scale the site, but it's not really worth thinking much about it until it happens. First off, you never know where your bottleneck is until you reach it, so optimizing for X when it turns out Y is holding you back, is inevitable if you optimize too soon. Secondly, the time you spend optimizing a site before you need to, is time you could spend getting more traffic to it.
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    Same prices for the parties you mentioned will be pretty hard to find.
    Better parties there are for sure but you also pay more then

    Ask a few providers you like with speedtest and IP links and compare them.
    It will take some time to compare but I don't think you want to make mistakes by going with the wrong provider

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    Thanks a lot for the tips. It is highly appreciated.

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