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    Setting up a shared SSL option for clients

    I am not sure where to start with this. I would like to offer my clients a shared ssl with their cPanel hosting. I have done some Googling, but cannot find any information on how to do this, or what needs to be done to do it.

    The idea would be to setup shared SSL on a site, so that my clients can use that SSL for their secure area.
    We would create site called something like (yes, I know it is taken), and put an SSL on it. So, if a client with the domain needs an SSL, we would then give clients their own directory on the site, something like

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    First, you need to order an SSL certificate and get it installed and setup for your domain. Next, make that domain the is the hostname for your server. After that, when you setup a cpanel account, if they want to access their site securely they would go to

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    Thanks for the response. So, that gives them access to the site securely, but how can I set it up so that they then share that SSL and use it for transactions?

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