New York NOC Inc. (NYNOC) is proud to announce it's new CDN (content delivery network) service to serve all of your dynamic and static content reliably and quickly to your users around the world. Our affordable CDN solution includes various cdn edge servers around the globe to provide the most affective cdn solution for you and your audience.

Our current CDN edge server locations include: Los Angeles, USA ; New York, USA ; Chicago, USA ; Vietnam ; Brazil ; Amsterdam, Netherlands

We can have all of your content utilizing our cdn network within a matter of minutes with some small changes to your dns zone files and your existing website code.

What is a CDN?
At its core, a Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a collection of servers strategically and geographically located to transparently and cooperatively serve data, including rich media streams and e-commerce transactions.

Amongst the primary functions of a CDN is to increase efficiency and speed by allowing content to be accessed from geographically nearby servers, it provides a way to overcome bandwidth, CPU, and processing bottlenecks.

View the Steadfast Networks CDN Edge Server Map
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Website Acceleration
Faster loading times for your website.

File Storage (Push Zones Only)
Faster content delivery for large file downloads.
*Additional fees apply*

Live Video Streaming
Support for Flash, iPhone, Silverlight, QuickTime.
*Additional fees apply*

On Demand Streaming
Support for Flash, iPhone, Silverlight, QuickTime.
*Additional fees apply*

As a special to WHT customers, we are offering a 10% discount on our current plans! Please email [email protected] for more information or to signup for this service.

You may also PM me here to get started.

Thank you!