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    What is link anchor text?

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    It is the clickable text in a web page. By default, when a web page is not formatted with any styles especially with CSS, anchor text is underlined and highlighted with blue and is clickable.

    To SEO and search engines, link anchor text serves as a tag of the URL being used in the link. ex. < a href = "" >Anchor text </a>
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    It is the clickable text in a web page.
    Once you click on this text, it will redirect you to a different webpage.

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    Anchor text is the visible and click-able characters. These characters are linked with other website or URL. When you will click on it it will direct you to another website.

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    Quote Originally Posted by benjohnsonfs View Post
    What is link anchor text?
    It is the clickable text in the link. For example, you could have "to download Adobe PDF Reader click here". Click here would be the link anchor text.

    Hope I answered your question.
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    Have alook at the links in WHT user signatures, everyone will use the keywords they want to target as anchor text

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    Some great explanations of what link anchor text is - In terms of optimizing your SEO efforts, use keywords in your link anchor texts that most closely match your URL, title tag, H1 tags and content of your landing page.
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    It is sometimes called your link "title". If you plan on doing SEO for any websites, when you try to get links from webmasters or sign up for any directory it is quite common that they ask for your link title... that's your anchor text.
    For SEO, it helps search engines associate your link's URL to a specific keyword. Which is why "click here" sort of text, when you are actively working for SEO, should be avoided and only keyword rich text should be used whenever possible.
    For forum posting purposes, using anchor text looks a lot tidier than your naked url whenever you are posting a link, regardless of whether it is your own link or not.

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    It is a visible text for a hyperlink, or you can also say clickable text in a hyperlink. The link will hide inside the text.
    Anchor Text plays a good role in Search Engine Optimization.

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