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    * How to install shoutcast transcoder

    1. Login to your SSH with your favorite SSH software, i will use Putty in this tutorial.

    2. Create a folder to store transcoder files, i will make a folder called transcoder in /

    PHP Code:
    PHP Code:
    mkdir /transcoder 
    3. Now lets download the latest version of transcoder from for linux, (SC_TRANS 2.6) and extract it:

    PHP Code:
    PHP Code:
    tar -zxvf sc_trans_linux_12_14_2010.tar.gz 
    4. now we need to edit transcoder config file: sc_trans_basic.conf and setup a connection to shoutcast DNAS 2.0

    PHP Code:
    vi sc_trans_basic.conf 
    click on "insert" button on the keyboard
    then start editing the file

    PHP Code:
    (You can use MP3 encoding, but you will need to purchase a license for it, to order license go to:

    PHP Code:
    bitrate_0=56000 to bitrate_0=YOUR BITRATE 
    (For 128kbps it will be: bitrate_0=128000)

    PHP Code:
    serverip_0= to serverip_0=YOUR SHOUTCAST DNAS IP 
    PHP Code:
    serverport_0=8000 to serverip_0=YOUR SHOUTCAST DNAS PORT (default is 8000
    PHP Code:
    uvoxauth_0=testing to uvoxauth_0=YOUR SHOUTCAST DNAS PASSWORD 
    PHP Code:
    uvoxstreamid_0=1 to uvoxstreamid_0=YOUR SHOUTCAST DNAS STREAM ID (default is 1
    -------------------OPTIONAL NOT REQUIRED------------------------
    PHP Code:
    streamtitle=My Test Server to streamtitle=YOUR RADIO NAME 
    PHP Code:
    streamurl= to streamurl=YOUR WEBSITE URL 
    PHP Code:
    genre=Test to genre=YOUR RADIO GENRE TYPE 
    PHP Code:
    aim=myaimaddr to aim=YOUR AIM ADDRESS 
    PHP Code:
    irc=myirc to irc=YOUR IRC 
    PHP Code:
    icq=myicq to icq=YOUR ICQ 
    PHP Code:
    (let it be like that)

    PHP Code:
    adminport=7999 to adminport=CHOOSE A PORT (default is 8000
    PHP Code:
    adminuser=admin to adminuser=CHOOSE A USERNAME 
    PHP Code:
    adminpassword=goaway to adminpassword=CHOOSE A PASSWORD 
    Choose playlist:
    PHP Code:
    playlistfile=./playlists/main.lst to playlistfile=YOUR LOCAL PLAYLIST FILE 
    this is the basic settings we need for connecting to Shoutcast DNAS 2.o SERVER.

    after editing, we will save the file

    PHP Code:
    and now we can start shoutcast transcoder by typing:
    PHP Code:
    ./sc_trans sc_trans_basic.conf 
    PHP Code:
    http://ip:SC_TRANS_PORT (default: IP:7999) 
    and If everything works fine you should get an output like this: Resource Not Found (Weblet)

    Shoutcast transcoder (sc_trans 2.6) is now installed!

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    hey guys, im trying to get the transcoder to workj on a vps i have, centos 6

    tthe transcoder won't play the music i'm trying to get it pla from the main playlist.

    how do i fix that?

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