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    Which company I should choose?

    Hi. I have found a few companies, which might provide the services I need. Now I need to choose one, so either I go for technicalities or good/bad response of users about the company. Here they are:
    i3d, Serverloft, Future hosting, I/O flood, Velia.

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    I heard about serverloft. They are fine.

    You can simply search for their name in wht search . If you just want to search for plans, Try for web hosting plans comparison.
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    You may want to consider webnx too. We have been with them for around 4-5 years.

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    Serverloft is good and go with it. There services is also good with some best features and providing online support also
    You c

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    serverloft is really a good company and the customer support is very good. you should go with it.

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