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    cPanel server configuration/hardening - $44.99

    Hello Web Hosting Talk,

    I am going to start off by getting into the cPanel server configuration/hardening service. I will go in and perform the following services to your VPS/Dedicated Server. I aim turn around time to be within 72 hours.

    • Basic cPanel Setup
    • Check for/apply cPanel updates (and set cPanel to automatically update)
    • Check for/apply and kernel updates Dedicated Servers Only
    • Install/Configure ConfigServer Firewall
    • Compile Apache to latest version
    • Compile PHP to latest version specific (5.2.x or 5.3.x) -- Please note we will do a default featureset, if you need a custom module installed please let us know ahead of time.
    • Enable suPHP (suPHP will run scripts as the user itself, useful for tracking e-mail spam. Also allows for better permissions and users are unable to access/edit others files.)
    • Review php.ini for known flaws or weaknesses -- if new server will do default php.ini settings.
    • Zend Optimizer Installation
    • Ioncube Loader Installation
    • Re-compile the backend PHP (used within cPanel services) and enable IonCube support.
    • Move SSH off default port
    • Disable access to compilers.
    • Disable background scripts.
    • Limit e-mail's sent per domain to 500 (unless otherwise requested)
    • Install and Configure RKHunter
    • Install and Configure chkrootkit
    • Secure /tmp and /dev/shm

    We are also able to install most 3rd party cPanel addons for a nominal fee.

    The default fee for this service is $44.99/one time. After that if you want anything else done it is a $25/hour fee with a minimum of 1 hour.

    If you are interested in this offer please shoot an e-mail to brandon[@]brandonlong[.]me and I will get back to you ASAP. Please list anything else you want done that's not in this list to include in the quote.

    Payments through Paypal.
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    Brandon Long |
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    This is WebHosting Talk not FreeWebSpace

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    Quote Originally Posted by DME-Geoff View Post
    This is WebHosting Talk not FreeWebSpace
    lol copypasta.

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    Yeah I know i noticed after I posted it I did a nice formatting and pasted it in, i reported it to be changed...i got locked out of editing it. I'm a nub
    Brandon Long |
    Just a guy with a brain.

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