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    * Searching for dedicated server

    Hello WHT,

    I'll be providing my budget, and needs of a dedicated server I'm looking for, for personal needs. I will also include (Optional) tag, meaning that if it includes that service, would be even better but it's not something thats a deal breaker if it don't have it.

    I would like the service inside the United States area
    (Preferred Locations: Atlanta, Maryland, Washington DC, Flordia, or Fremont CA -- (Optional, I would just like it some where in those areas or around them))

    * IRC Allowed Services...
    * Managed (Optional)
    * Semi-managed - 24/7 Support Tickets
    * KVM (Optional)
    * Supports IPv6 (Provides IPv6 Address's with server)
    * 3-5 IPv4 Address's
    * cPanel/WHM (Optional) -- or DirectAdmin
    * Free reboots / OS Reloads
    * Raid-10 Protected Drives (Semi-Optional - I would like it to have it, but if the service is good and such, if they don't include it I wouldn't be to upset)

    4GB Ram, 250GB+ HD, i3/i5/i7/Xeon Processor, 100Mbit Unmetered or 1Gbit - 5TB Transfer, 99%+ Uptime, Good Network.

    Would like to pay around 120-140$/month.

    Please note, because i added the optional tags this don't mean if they don't include that service I will not be interested, it will just be better if they include them.

    Use of the server..

    Hosting personal websites, and be a hub server for my IRC network, along with it being dedicated to the FusionNET Community I manage.

    Operating System:
    Free/Open BSD or Debian.
    There the only two options I want for the operating system is either it to be running OpenBSD or Debian.


    Any help would be greatly appericated.

    Thanks ahead of time, and hope to be hosted with one of you guy's soon!


    I'm planning to be with another provider and be settled with them by March 04, 2011. So hopefully I can find a provider to join with and get everything setup with them by then!
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    How ever they do not allow irc.
    I think that for that purpose that is better to seek for the server somewhere outside United States. Maybe Netherlands could be good place for the search.
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    Thats hard to find IRC allowed hosting in usa. May be some where in eu or asia. try for datacenter search.
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    Quote Originally Posted by semoweb View Post
    Host Dime has a location in Orlando Florida.

    How ever they do not allow irc.
    irc hubs/leafs can be allowed on a case by case basis after review.
    If op was to go with us I would advise him to contact me to get cleared for irc use

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    Thank you everyone,

    :: Paul: Please provide me a way I can seek a convo between you, about these matters

    I have also sent you a PM

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    Hostdime is very good.

    I have a Managed VPS with one of there clients (VPSLatch) is hosted in there facility's, I do like the service overall.

    You can also try, they allow IRC services.

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