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Thread: Fat Cow?

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    Fat Cow?

    Anyone have any feedback on this hosting company? I'd love to hear a review.

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    A quick google search turned this up: - Specializing In Dedicated Servers and Financial Hosting
    True Enterprise Service, Tier 3 Manhattan Datacenter, 100+ Gbps Network, 100% Uptime Guarantee, 24x7 Support - Email, Tickets, Phone and Live Chat
    Bandwidth Graphs, Remote Power Control, Automated OS Re-installs, Secured IPMI+KVM Included With Every Server

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    That review is a affiliate is FatCow, so take what is said on it with a grain of salt.
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    Plenty of reviews if you search WHT:
    |||| Top 10 Web Hosts -

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    I put one website with them for a year and it was the least reliable hosting service I have ever used. I hated it.
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    I still host my one old wp blog on fatcow. It's like nightmare, takes long to load site. I don't like their Vdeck panel.

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    I think that you also can do the search in google, check on their web site for forum and try to get in touch with their real customers. I think that will help you.
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    Based on my now dated experience with them (cancelled about 7 months ago, used them for a year), I'd say you should not choose their service, nor that of Ipage (same host, same service). Server performance not impressive, uptime 99.9% (real) which wasn't all that bad. I has a weird situation cancelling. The system would still report that my account will be automatically renewed, even though I was opting out of that. Eventually I got confirmation from their staff that it wouldn't though, and it was indeed cancelled when the time came.

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    Like the others above have stated, I too was a customer (and was being the keyword here!)

    For the first six months things couldn't be better, amazing speeds, uptime, etc... However the next six months were full of downtime (one day my email was full due to uptime trackers emailing me), FTP issues and also what I would assume to be a seriously over-sold server (slow speeds and generally unresponsive). I also initially like their control panel, however when you need to use more features it just gets confusing. For example, last time I used it (~4 months back) to unzip a file you had to go in a weird location which took me a while to find... Even for an experienced user, they made simple things such as unzipping a file seem so much more complicated.

    You'd be better off with a cPanel host in my opinion. Very easy to use, though make sure you choose a good provider (e.g: support, uptime and so on)

    Good luck finding the perfect host.

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