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    Exclamation 2 questions about an "Server Status"

    Hi, guys!
    I am a woman from China and I have some good knowledge about SEO, but almost 0 knowledge about servers and especially the "Server Status". Here are the questions:
    1. I saw today that our "Server Status" (in the Cpanel) is with
    Disk /dev/sda3 (/usr) 85 %
    . There is an YELLOW exclamation mark behind it.

    2. Also I saw today that our "Server Status" (also in the Cpanel) is with
    Server Load 6.30 (8 cpus)
    . There is an RED exclamation mark behind it.

    Please, forgive me my stupidity and tell me if I have to worry about those 2 things and if there is something that I should do about it.

    The server is not mine, we're using one US, cheap server, based in the US. I will be very thankful to your answers!
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    The yellow means that you are in danger of filling up/dev/sda3. It is 85% full.

    The red next to your server load means that the current server load is above what the server should handle normally. The higher it is, the more in danger you are of over loading your server which could lead to failures. - Specializing In Dedicated Servers and Financial Hosting
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    Just ignore the exclamation marks. Server load of 6 is ok for an 8core server and /usr is not going to be filled up unless you decide to install more software at which point you could always resize the /usr partition.

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    In cPanel Tweak Settings
    Critical load threshold [?]The minimum load average for overall system load display purposes that will cause the server status to appear red (decimals ok)
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    You should be alright until 8.00 load after this you should start having a look at your server.

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    In fact, I haven't server. I just host our SEO forum in "".So do I have to contact them in order to ask them about these problems?
    Once again thanks very much, because i really dont understand these things.

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    Today I checked it again and now everything seems to be okay:

    Server Load 1.34 (8 cpus)
    Memory Used 13 %
    Swap Used 0 %
    Disk /usr/tmpDSK (/tmp) 4 %
    Disk /dev/sda1 (/boot) 18 %
    Disk /dev/sdb (/backup) 1 %
    Disk /dev/sda3 (/) 39 %
    Disk /dev/loop0 (/var/tmp) 4 %

    Seems they're taking care about it

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