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    Usage of keywords in blog post - needs a little clarification

    I am currently reading SEO techniques on different blogs and they all are suggesting to use keywords in title and also in blog post.

    My confusion is that for example I write a blog post with the title "My Review of WHT Forum" then I "must" use the 100% same title inside the blog post OR I can have it like this in the post,

    I have been on WHT forum for a long time and finally decided to post a review about it.

    You can see it also included the keywords from the title. So can I go ahead like that or I must write "My Review of WHT Forum" in the post?

    Please clarify?
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    Using exact title in blog post doesn't matter much. Use it only if it is required otherwise there is no need. Genuinely written blog posts are better as compared to those where keywords are deliberately pushed for SEO reasons. Search Engines are more intelligent now and I believe they do flag such activities.
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    your keywords in this article will be WHT. Rest of thing you can use it 1 or two times in your post.

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    yes, you can apply that form in your blog post. Bear in mind that it is good to place keywords that are not too obvious.

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    It is not required to use whole title in blog post as keyword. In your case keyword is "WHT forum" and you can use it 3-5 times according to blog post size. It is not good to place keywords unnecessary if it does not match with sentences. So, using keywords in blog post also need some tips and suggestions.

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    Its the keywords and more importantly, the links and anchor text from your blog posts to pages on your site

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    You want to target the keyword "My Review of WHT Forum" or WHT forum? It depends on the keyword which you want to target.

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