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    Should I purchased Media Temple DV Plan?

    Hello, everyone

    I have looked for VPS for some weeks.
    I read many positive reviews about Media Temple so I decided to purchased MT DV 4.0, but before this I noticed there was bad experience of MT:
    it seems MT not reliable for small customers...
    any experiences or advices for MT?

    Many thanks

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    I don't think you should base your entire decision on 1 review. Looking over your link, it looks like the poster simply has some sort of script issue/bad plugin causing high loads. I don't have any experience with MT's offerings, but I can agree with the poster that KnownHost is pretty awesome. KH does also offer Plesk, like MT, if that was what was drawing you to MT.

    However, if you're pretty much set on MT, I don't think you should let this 1 review deter you. Afterall, you did come across many positive reviews, right? You can wait for others to chime in or simply just try them for a month and see for yourself.

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    Thank you both for your concern and comments on the matter. Thanks to @wickedfactor for the advice.

    For one, after looking at the review, it seems like that is based off the (dv) 3.5. Even though it is a great product, there's a reason we came out with the (dv) 4.0.

    Second, the customer was hitting kmemsize errors, meaning that things could have been scripted incorrectly. More likely than not, when we see things like this, we tend to find plugins or scripts eating up all the memory(without the customer's knowledge). On the other hand, at times our product can't deliver as much as the customer wants to fit on their server.

    When it comes to support we try our best to respond to support requests as quickly as possible. At times we have an overflow of requests, and we try to get to each customer as quickly as possible. If you ever need a quick response, you can easily contact us via our Twitter account or through our phone support.

    Even though we provide some support on the (dv), we don't provide the same level as we do on the (gs). So at times, the customer is on their own when it comes to tweaking their (dv).

    Please let me know if you have any other questions.
    Media Temple Customer Support
    Webhosting @

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