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    Dedicated Server in Europe with good b/w providers

    We have recently noticed a fairly big spike in our visitors from Europe. So we wanted to add a server in Europe.

    Currently we host two servers with Softlater in Texas and we wanted to move one server to Europe.

    Our bandwidth requirements for Europe looks like will be around 10Tb/month. Cost is not much of an issue and providing best download speeds for our end users is our top priority.

    So who are some great dedicated server providers in Europe?

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    Leaseweb, netdirekt and Hetzner are good and well-known EU companies.
    You should take a look at their offers.

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    Ok will look into that. What do you think about OVH?

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    If you are serious about your business, avoid OVH.
    Also use the search function to decide yourself which company you should go with.

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    What are the hardware specifications you require?
    The more details on hardware/software/configuration that you can provide, the better folks can recommend providers...
    Other than bandwidth, your request is pretty blanket right now ;-)

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    Why not Ovh?

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    I suggest:
    Managed =
    Unmanaged =
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    Would this server need to be managed or isn't that going to be necessary?
    Do you have an idea of the countries most visitors come from? It might be a good idea to find a host who has good peering to these countries - Online in no time
    Dedicated Servers in [EU] Netherlands with DAILY support, also on weekends
    DDOS Protected network - 100% Money Back if it doesn't work for you
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    Quote Originally Posted by Exigo Network View Post
    If you are serious about your business, avoid OVH.
    Also use the search function to decide yourself which company you should go with.
    OVH is perfectly fine for European Traffic, just Foreign Traffic is bad.
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    OVH is more than fine for EU traffic, it's great for it
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    I'd personally recommend Leaseweb. Based in holland. Great connection/service!

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    lease web support is not very good, i am also looking for a EU server, what about rapid switch and server beach, how are there UK servers

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    Quote Originally Posted by cyber_kani View Post
    lease web support is not very good, i am also looking for a EU server, what about rapid switch and server beach, how are there UK servers
    LeaseWeb support is excellent, which is why LeaseWeb has grown to eight data centers in the Netherlands, United States, Germany, and Belgium, since 1997. If you have a particular support issue, please pm your customer account number and ticket, and we would be glad to look into it. LeaseWeb provides service to a wide range of customers meeting their hosting needs on a global basis.

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    Leaseweb is the way to go if you require 'premium' bandwidth

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    Leaseweb is very good bandwidth wise, can't go wrong with them.

    They have been known for slow support (which I've also experienced when I had servers there by usually getting answers to tickets the next day in the morning), but it seems in the recent months they've started to answer faster to tickets and apparently the overall support situation has improved.

    Holland is very well connected to Europe so it's hard to go wrong with any of the providers there. You can also try

    - which is a reseller of Leaseweb (and may offer better/faster support if this is really important to you) and
    - I can also mention (have server with them now and it's OK, doing about 5TB a month - they have servers in EasyNet, one of the datacenters Leaseweb also uses)
    - and (had server there, was pleased with them)

    I could also mention - they have a datacenter in London and the servers are all sold out on their website but if you contact them and ask them for a quote I think they can give you a link to an internal order/pre-order page of some sort.

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    Redstation posted a killer deal recently:

    2xE5620, 100TB bandwidth, 64GB RAM, 8TB SAS storage 229

    This might be good for you.

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    You may try I3D's new 100TB offers seems promising for US traffic.

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    OVH is perfect when your visitors are mainly coming from European countries. If you require managed support or well kinda any type of support I would go for Leaseweb. Otherwise OVH is recommended, cheap and wide range of features that come with the OVH manager account.

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