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    Cost of Quality Data Transfer


    Many quality providers that I know sell transfer for around .10 per GB. From Rackspace to Linode to Amazon, they are all in that ballpark.

    Obviously at some point, when your buying a semi or dedicated server, you would expect that cost to start dropping down.

    One name that I have heard good reviews of is It seems rather unbelievable that they would be able to sell their transfer at 1/50th of the cost of other major providers. It seems hard to believe that they can give all that transfer for so little cost.

    Is it just once you get into that price range of over a couple hundred a month that you start seeing more significant breaks in transfer costs?

    Are there any reputable, quality providers with a CDN, VPS, or even higher end shared that have a much lower price point on transfer?

    I'm look for some more transfer for a project, and am not sure what direction I need to go; if going up to someone like 100tb is really my only choice, or if their are some other options that can get my bandwidth cost down lower without being at the dedicated server level.


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    cost of bandwidth on a per GB / actual usage basis is a drastically different model to that of included bandwidth transfer allowances with other services (dedicated servers etc).

    For example, for every 100 servers sold at you could likely see actual usage of 250TB and so on. the higher the volume and the lower the usage spread over time, the less of an impact caused by peak usage on their own bandwidth commit.
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    You are going to see dramatic price improvements as you move from a per GB bandwidth service to a service with a monthly allotment of bandwidth.

    Clearly doesn't expect all of their customers (or even a slim portion) to use up all of their alloted bandwidth. You can find all sorts of crazy deals on bandwidth, but it's important to read reviews and get a sense for how well they're managing their bandwidth load. I'd be curious to see what the MRTG graphs of their uplinks look like.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AvailHosting-Jeff View Post
    You are going to see dramatic price improvements as you move from a per GB bandwidth service to a service with a monthly allotment of bandwidth.

    Can you suggest any providers that are going to have some better bandwidth prices, with a lower entry point than 100tb?

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