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    Question VPS & SSL

    I have a quick question for all of you server gurus out there.

    How do I install an SSL certificate to my VPS?

    Let me give you some background as to what I am looking for specifically:

    When I send e-mail via the SSL SMTP Port on my server I get a "Unverified" or "generic" SSL certificate message.

    The same is said when I use one of my SSL certs on a shopping cart subdomain of mine.

    Obviously, I am a newbie at this. So, how do I certify my SSL certificates? Is there a specific type of SSL cert I should purchase? I currently have 2 Rapid SSL certs.

    Any clarity you guys could offer would be much appreciated as I need a little help bridging the gap.
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    You need to check the certs and keys very well and make sure they are properly installed. What kind of certificate and server/control panel are you using? If you provide more details, I may be able to help you

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    There's no such thing as installing a certificate 'on your VPS', but you can try to install it against applications, such as your mail server and web server.

    It's pretty easy to do this usually, e.g. if you were using Postfix as your mail server, you could just edit /etc/postfix/ and add the relevant smtp_tls_cert/key/CA_file lines.
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    If you are on cPanel, you could also do that for your SMTP services via "Manage Service SSL Certificates"
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