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    Question High Server Load Causes Zend or eAccelerator?

    Hello All,
    How do I reduce server load? Sometimes (for 1-2Mins) its shows 22.66 load. Host 300+ websites in this server.

    Server Configuration:
    Intel Core i5-750 (4 cores @ 2.66 GHz) with 6 GB DDR3 RAM with centos 64 bit.

    My server contains Zend or eAccelerator.

    Should I uninstall Zend and eAccelerator?

    Any help would be appreciate!
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    Zend of eAccelerator wouldn't be an issue.

    What is the output of "top -n1" when the server is under high load?

    I suspect you would have an I/O issue either indirectly from not enough RAM (so it goes into swap), or general disk I/O.

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