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    Want to order one indicated server then be an IDC

    I come from china, want talk an indicated server then be an IDC to selling VPS to china area clients.

    there is some question I want to know in advance:
    1.which site line is good for china area? please advise some sever room and its official website to me, very thanks.
    2.there is possisble can I get some discount from their open list price?
    3.if i want add one extra firewall between ordered server and switch port? there is possible some server room technician or engineer can allow this ? ( firewall i will be like bought by myself then delivery to server room from china).

    hope somebody can be help, a lot of thanks.

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    1. For China mainland, it's a bit hard to optimize, due to the policy of Chinese government. You can be good enough with network mixed of strong vendors such as NTT, PCCW. Chinanet will be a good option too, however, I find out myself that Chinanet is always saturated their lines.

    2. If you buy multiple servers, surely you will get some discounts.

    3. For placing your firewall, it will be colocation service. Contact several vendors to see if they allow that (mix of dedicated server renting and colocation)

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    Thanks for kindly help.

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