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    * Software Suggestion Required

    Me have a Dell 670 Model Pc that has builtin Sound Card without amplifier, So i have a problem of low sound quality. I need any software which blast the Voice with Good Quality output. The Software must be easy to install and small in size.
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    Try updating the audio driver, most of the audio driver have virtual surround and equalizer. If you have Realtek go to their website and download the latest driver. For media player I suggest you get VLC because its free and it can play almost any file. Then get a good speaker system like Klipsch.
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    I have the same problem with my desktop. I tried everything but adding a speaker with amp was the best solution and even the inexpensive ones sound quite good if you are using a headphone.

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    by simply upgrading your driver software you cant improve the sound quality, you need a sound card like creative Sound blaster to increase the capacity of sound bits that card can produce.
    its similar to the graphics bits you set in display settings 16 bit, 24 bit and 38 bit.
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    I had same problem with my PC and I use "sound max driver" and since then I did not face any low sound problem. So try sound max driver. It may shoot your problem.

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    If you can't get a new sound card. Try SRS Audio Sandbox, it helps but may not be a total solution.

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    A simple solution would be to use VLC Player because it increases the sound upto 400%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aniqa View Post
    A simple solution would be to use VLC Player because it increases the sound upto 400%
    I'm pretty sure that's relative to within VLC. It doesn't affect Windows volume level, let alone the sound card.

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    Try external speakers. Like Creative or a JVC setup. Sometimes it isn't the software, but your speakers.

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    YOU can also try media player classic and make changes in its sound volume setting you will get your best sound quality with this way.

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    Vlc and Media Player Classic are both decent players, but typically the volume sliders in them can't make your volume output greater than the soundcard is producing

    It's possible to have a particular program that isn't throwing out as much volume as it should, but no media player software is gonna make your soundcard 'louder'

    If you have the correct drivers correctly installed and it isn't loud enough forget software, you only really have two options

    The first option GamerFu touched on, use external amplification between the card and speakers, like a hi-fi amp connected to your soundcard's output with hi-fi speakers connected to the amp (being an anti-social music nut I have both a hi-fi amp and PA mixer connected to mine with a set of PA speakers connected to each ... it's loud enough )

    You can pick up hi-fi amps pretty cheap if you look around and the sound they deliver is always superior to all but the most expensive pc speakers

    Your other option ... get a better soundcard, either pci pr pci-e, again not overly expensive if you shop around
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