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    Question Apache -vs- nginx -vs- lighttpd?

    Apache -vs- nginx -vs- lighttpd?

    So which do you prefer and why?

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    I only use Apache2. I am not allowed to use anything else at work. If you know how to optimize apache properly you can get close to nginx speed.

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    Interesting LightSpeed isn't in the poll...

    I think a lot of it has to do with what you're serving. For one of our larger customers (single site on a 3-server cluster), we use a mixture of Apache and Lighttpd. All images get served through a subdomain that routes through lighty, and everything else gets served via Apache. It was a stroke of genius on the part of our admin that really improved performance (particularly before we switched hosts/data centers).

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    Apache stands out as confrontational (wouldn't want me an encounter with the Apache warriors). Lighttpd is well... too light. Nginx just "reads" sexy.

    I'd pick Nginx.

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    Quote Originally Posted by h4wk View Post
    If you know how to optimize apache properly you can get close to nginx speed.
    As an Apache fanboy, I'd take this with a grain of salt.

    This is a bit of an apples to oranges comparison (and including Litespeed would only do more of the same). If you need a full-featured webserver, you need Apache - the other two simply won't do the job without massive hackery.

    If you need a full-featured webserver and want the best performance and money is no object, you should look into Litespeed. The TCO can be high, particularly if you're a gifted Apache administrator, that it might not be worth it in all cases - there is also the fact that it's not open source, which rubs some people the wrong way.

    As far as the other two, lighttpd was always pretty good - but nginx is absolutely stunning for what it is.

    As far as the comment quoted above, I don't pretend to be an absolute expert at optimizing Apache2, but I like to think I covered most of the common basics and on pretty low-end hardware nginx absolutely shines over what Apache can do if you don't need a full-featured webserver. We're talking about the same concurrency and throughput (slightly lower on Apache), but system loads that are substantially lower when using nginx. The nginx configuration being mostly out-of-the-box.

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    I'm looking at possibly leasing my 1st unmanaged, with no control panel... VPS. I'm not 100% worried about being new on self configuring... I'm more worried about picking something for my needs.

    ---- Fast (super fast)
    ---- Uses the least resources (HD space, Swap Memory, Ram, CPU)
    ---- Can take on a lot users / connections (many)
    ---- Stable
    ---- Compatible with other products (newest versions)

    The more I read.... Apache would be good for a beginner like myself, but Nginx maybe more of what I need.

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    We're running LiteSpeed for most clients, we've seen much better stability in shared hosting environments since switching them over, but we've seen a fair number of issues from developers that have required some investigation also.

    My vote goes to Apache for most things, and LiteSpeed if you're working with Magento or a lot of sites on a single server.
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    lighttpd is best for me. It is really light like its name in using as a newbie, as a newbie i have started with this and am still a Fan of this

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    I think Apache is better than others

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