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  1. #1 review ?


    Any of you used them ?
    6.99 dollars com domain
    Never saw cheaper ...
    Any catch ?

    Thank you

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    They're losing money on every domain at that price. So unless they have big pockets, I don't think that offer will last long.
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    Thumbs up Sounds Cheap


    Sound very cheap there is nothing much you need to think on that, because the registration is going to be a annual process.

    I think you should go for it.

    Thank you.

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    I would do as my research as possible on namedeal. I just did an immediate search and not a lot relevant information for a company that has been in business since 2004 (according to the dates on their website). Also, I chose their "about us" link and really only shows testimonials and yada yada, but nothing about them as a company that you would expect when click the about us link.

    If you have a domain name that you don't mind losing, then surely give it a try and let us know.

    I know when sold at a loss at one time, but at least they had some information about who they were and such that you could maybe try them out with a little trust.

    namedeal's website looks so canned and nothing about it says "unique". The same pictures that many other sites are using, the same lady with a headset on that other sites are using.... the only it seems they took to change were font colors.

    Just my .02's.

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    I didn't find any renewal prices ...
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    i have 6 domain name registered and/or transfered on namedeal

    hi, I found namedeal since two or three week cause I have to transfer all my business domain name to an other registrar. Domain name on godaddy are 11 or 12$ so i found namedeal with 7,49$ domain name. When you have a lot of domain name the price is to concider.

    My experience,
    support by chat is good, always somebody to give support.
    Buying a domain name and less than 30min after you got it into your admin panel.

    When you transfer domain name ... THAT SUCKS A LOT!
    Nothing is automated, you have to ask and wait for all.
    -The «renewal date» of the domain stay the same as the «transfer date» wich is not the same. you have to ask them to update manualy the status.

    -When a domain is transfered, before it come green (able to manage) you have to contact them to update the status again. If not, your domain stay in «pending» and you wait like a stupid guy after your domain becoming active.

    -The admin panel for the domain allow you nothing except changing DNS and unlock your domain. If you want an advenced panel (that allow not very much) you have to request it FOR EACH DOMAIN and after 4-5 days they send you a link. Compare with Godaddy panel that you can do and manage every aspect of your domain (A name, record, name server, etc...)

    you have to request almost everything by ticket support ans have to wait for.

    Just for the «non-instant and/or non-automated» part of their services, I will probably transfer to an other registrar...maybe godaddy that is much expensive, but you where i have all tool I need and all process are fast and automated.

    also, I'm not sure at this time if I want to place all my customers domain name in their hands...

    maybe give a try to 1&1 for domain name

    hope that help you with my experience.

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    Stay away from 1and1. Just do a search on these forums.
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    What do u suggest? Godady or something else?

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    It is new name as for me. I suppose you can do some search for their review first to make sure.
    Also you can contact them and ask why their prices are cheap and which prices would you have for domain name renewal etc.

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    I do recomand and
    Those are the best - clean honest clear
    They do not store you credit card info - unless you want
    prices are good
    find copouns here

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    5,866,, are my current favorites.
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    make sure the renewal isnt something like $20/yr because many registrars will get you in at a low price and then raise it on you.

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    cheaper not good from all the ways. It may be good for your pocket but not for business point of view.

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    Better to don't go with cheap things, if someone had good experience then it is ok. You have to add just $2 or $3 more to get a domain from best providers.

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    I also suggest - more then ok.
    If you want cheaper go to With a reseller account you can get to 6$ / domain.
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    I just had a chat with a sales support at i was enquiring to transfer 9 domains that is currently on GoDaddy.I was asking the step by step process and all i got was vague answers.After describing me how to make a purchase(what to click,what payments accepted)which i somehow got annoyed.All i want is a clear process what i need to do.The she told me to unlock my domain and they do the rest.I was wondering how safe and secure will that be..and would there be any confirmation or key/password that i need to put in and she answered.."OK don't unlock,you don't transfer to us..Is there anything else i can help you?"

    There goes your doesn't always means good.Those trust seals that they display?..i have a niggling feeling its one of their own site..Same chat interface..and there is no way to purchase/order and very vague.

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    I've had problems with the "cheap" domain services in the past. I would rather spend the extra $5 or $6 and go to a company that is much more concerned with customer service and it's name.

    For example, I am not a huge fan of GoDaddy, but with all the 3rd party services I deal with for hosting, development and such, it seems that those services always work flawlessly with GoDaddy, or they have instructions just for sites that use them as a hosting I stick with them.

  18. #18 is the worst hosting service ever.
    I have 3 sites there down for 2 DAYS, and in chat assistance they told me many lies, telling to wait 1 hour, then to wait 5 hours, then to wait 12 hours... keep out and go with a serious hosting service, I would suggest hostgator.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maxi2010 View Post is the worst hosting service ever.
    I have 3 sites there down for 2 DAYS, and in chat assistance they told me many lies, telling to wait 1 hour, then to wait 5 hours, then to wait 12 hours... keep out and go with a serious hosting service, I would suggest hostgator.
    Isn't this about domain names? From what I see the OP said nothing about hosting in his original statement.

    As far as domain names go there is like 3 companies I would even use:


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    Hello guys and girls ...

    Telling you there is cheap that is not sleazy - You may call it economic, Low cost, Cost effective.

    Cheap can also be good - |(They have million dollar domain name)

    I am with this 2 and do not look elsewhere.

    I do not understand those who will pay extra 6 dollars (or more)... And buy paying extra they feel more safe

    And also I do not understand those who go to the sleazy (no name ) - To save 2 dollars and to loose 2-5 when renewing ...


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    Real review on services Name Deal provides. I think its best to stop at purchasing the domain (if its cheap) and run like hell.


    1. Domain names may be cheap.

    Baddies (whole heap of them)
    1. Manual process supporting changes including domain approvals, name server re-directions and all.

    2. Always some one is there to talk (right) all they know is "some one will get back to you in an hour" that's Pathetic.

    3. I believe they don't own or maintain servers and all being done by some one else (another bigger hosting company). Our customer site was down for more than a day and all they come-up with is saying "problem with upstream provider".

    4. More excuses when site is down for hours some Users on the server are using too much cpu time so they shut the service down for all. Its buying a cheap old car with daily repairs.

    5. (Crap on a Cracker)- If you open a website to test in all browsers for working your ip will be blocked.

    6. We have online shop that uses a single connection to database and server has much less connections available to database that accounts hosted on the server. Our Customer sees when some one hits the page is "Too Many Connections".(WTF)

    7. Down time is much higher than most of the service providers i have seen. Customer support takes sometimes a day to respond.

    Domain - May be
    Hosting - HELL NO
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    I think It is never a good Idea to host at domain companies ...

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