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Thread: Advice sought

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    Advice sought

    Thinking of setting up a hosting company, would appreciate advice.


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    See the forums Running a Web Hosting Business and Running a Web Hosting Business Tutorials. They're a good starting point.

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    How much research have you already put into this? I would suggest you do some research on your own, if you haven't done any.

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    Probably best fitting this in the "Running a Webhosting Business" section

    However, what experience, background, or knowledge do you have of running systems and setting up services?

    It might look easy, but it's really not as easy as it looks
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    Quote Originally Posted by outlookemail View Post
    Thinking of setting up a hosting company, would appreciate advice.

    One word of advice: expect to be working many hours a day everyday
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    Quote Originally Posted by outlookemail View Post
    Thinking of setting up a hosting company, would appreciate advice.

    What is your experience and current skill set in regards to hosting, server management, etc?

    If you're thinking this is a 'get rich while working at home' scheme, thats hardly the case. The hosting industry is saturated and highly competitive, and unless you're able to target a specific niche or bring something new to the table its going to be a long road ahead.

    For starters, you need a plan. You may think you don't, but 6 months down the road when you have 4 clients and are still paying out of pocket to run your servers you'll understand the importance of having a set plan that will provide understanding to the possibilities of your business in the future.
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    start your research on hosting with all these
    1. types of hosting
    2. Dedicated and VPS Server
    4. Billing
    4. how you will promote your services

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