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    Sendmail or Postfix or Qmail


    I will use webmin to maintain the VPS. I will use it on CentOS for small personal usage. Easy setting and stable would be preferred.
    Which mail server is the best?
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    I used exim to have Wordpress email me notifications. I was having issues with Sendmail.

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    Thank you for the reply, yes.. Exim would be another option.. Forget to mention it
    I have read from some article on the internet said that sendmail pretty old and better use qmail or postfix. Is that right?

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    Yes, I think exim replaced sendmail in Debian

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    I like Postfix, you just yum install postfix and you're sorted

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    Go with Postfix - Theres also some good guides on on configuring.

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    Between postfix exim and qmail, which one is using the smallest RAM?
    I will use it together with lighttpd, mysql, webmin and virtualmin..

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    At the levels they use, I don't think you need to worry with ram - at least not with postfix. There's plenty of lowendboxer's that just use postfix with all the stuff you mentioned.

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    Nice... Thanks all...
    I think I will go with postfix then

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