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    Bash Scripting Problems... logging?/file.log

    I typed up some simple wget scripts to grab some files I need to look at every week or so. I went to test the scripts and one is creating directories with question marks at the end. Here is an example of the directories its creating,

    Edit: Guess I cant post links yet so heres a copy paste from the terminal, note the two directories with ? marks. The scripts do not have any question marks in them themselves.

    [email protected]:~/downloads/ftptemp/logging$ ls
    amx_logs sec_logs server_logs?
    amx_logs? iss_logs server_log
    ftp_logs server_logs

    I typed it up in Vim, though it was gvim, so I wouldn't think its related to line/feed carriages. I'm looking at the scripts and I cant see anything that might be causing this, everything's pretty basic. I was hoping someone could take a look at the image and, hopefully, have come across the same problem and post a suggestion/solution. Thanks everyone!

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    Hmm not sure what it was but I retyped the whole thing with just vim (not gvim) and it works fine now. I cant see any difference between the two files but its working.

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    It could be how are you using wget...

    wget "long-url-goes-here"

    or man wget

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