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    Question Website for sale


    We have the following designs available for sale.




    Both number two and three have a set price of $25 and will be for sale permanently. Currently there is only one owner for each design, Design number one has not been sold to anyone and we are happy to receive offers of $200 and up.

    Check out our other post which shows all our current websites that are for sale.

    Any questions, you can contact us by Inbox or IM. Details are on our profile.

    Thank you.

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    I have added both your msn and aim names
    please contact me as soon as possible

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    FEEDBACK ** LoveCore Designs **

    Darren and I begain our converstation here on wht and then we started speaking on MSN, I told him the issues I was facing with the previous Designer from WHT. Asked Him if he had any designs for sale that were coded he gave me many samples to choose from. I found the one I like we made an agreement and Darren has gone above what I expected him to do. He was friendly and was willing to talk to me. We made our deal, He was paid and now I have a wonderful Unqiue Design because of His Great Skills and Staff.

    I strongly recommend him if you are in need of a new design, this Guy and his team know what they are doing 100%.

    Thank you Darren.

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