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    Eastern European / Ukraine / Russia hosting


    I'm looking to take a dedicated server and wondering whether hosting in Eastern Europe/Ukraine/Russia/etc will offer me more for my money? I'm looking for something with about 4 CPU cores, 12GB+ RAM, RAID1+0, 500GB usable disk space, VMWare ESXi, un-managed but as with everyone, working on a budget!

    I'm based in the UK with customers throughout Europe but latency is not a high-priority. Will I be able to get more for my money (vs UK/DE/DK/etc) in the "East" or does it make no difference in terms of price? Does anyone have any recommendations of companies to look at?

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    Certainly it will be a lot more expensive the further east you go although has some pretty good deals on high end hardware.

    FDC also turned up a facility in the czech republic and they have some good offers.

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    If you consider to go to east europe for a low price, this won't be very successful.
    The prices in DE/NL/UK are better.

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    When you search cheap Solution, UK Germany are much better!

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    balticserver(lithuania) is an alternative with cheap price offers. been with them for 8 months, gone up and down but it still a good company

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    I suggest you to buy a server in Netherlands if you want to host your site on Europe. Netherlands has good servers with good prices and i think they are better than Russian servers in quality and price.

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    Cyprus is an alternative solution for you, unless you require massive bandwidth in a low budget.. Bandwidth in Cyprus is still a bit a expensive but if you don't have high requirements, a Cyprus DC can fulfill your needs....
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    Hi. Thank you everyone for your replies. Looking at all the suggestions, I think a DE/NL based solution is going to offer me better value.

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    In Wht we have already discuss about this this postig is for eastern Europe this one is for Russia
    In these 2 they have discussed about lowest rate

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