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    Windows continuous backup server.


    I need to use some windows software (DoubleTake - already owned) to backup a large 30GB sqlserver db in realtime to a remote server.

    I need at a minimum 100GB hd space 1 core processor and 1gb ram.
    I also need an IPSEC VPN to secure the connection and preferably a hardware firewall.

    Does anyone have any recommendations on whether a cloud or dedicated would be best for this. Any recommendations on suppliers with good IPSEC VPN/hardware firewall options? Softlater wanted to triple the price as soon as I mentioned vpn/firewall.

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    As soon as you start talking about a hardware firewall, you're no longer in "Cloud" territory at most hosts.

    A cloud instance would probably be OK for your needs, but it really depends on what's being done at the database. Are there any resource intensive jobs? Is performance still an issue? I would try a Cloud instance somewhere, fail over to it, make sure it meets your performance expectations, and then make a decision if you need to go dedicated based on that.

    I would recommend using OpenVPN to setup the tunnel and do it at the software side. This is what Doubletake themselves do for their "Doubletake Cloud" product that replicates into Amazon EC2.

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    Will, the OpenVPN pointer is very helpful thanks. I spoke with DoubleTake support earlier today when setting things up and asked about software VPN's and they didn't have a clue.

    Regarding the cloud, the server is just for backups so the database will never be used. I was looking at softlayer as I've used them in the past but I've heard their cloud has IO performance problems.

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    Where is your primary server in a datacenter?

    Some providers have private backend network and if you were to take a server in two of their locations like softlayer has and then limit access to the other server over private network only you should be able to have doubletake replicate over that link only.

    If not already in a DC or possible to move to one, try openvpn as already suggested.

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    Softlater wanted to triple the price as soon as I mentioned vpn/firewall.
    If you are hosting both servers within softlayer, you are going to have backend private network to use for your purpose. You shouldn't need an additional hardware firewall for it.
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    I use two entirely different companies. I can't see much point in investing in a remote backup using the same company as the primary.

    I tried to get the openvpn gui thing running but it's incomparable with windows 2008 and hasn't been updated in years. Before battling with the command line openvpn I thought I'd give Fortinet's free FortiClient end point security vpn a try. looks quite good.

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    Forticlient and fortigate would not work. I spent about 8 hours and got it connected as a dialup vpn but no traffic would run through it. I've given up on that and used the openvpn as recommended above. i didn't realise that the openvpn download on their main site already contained a newer version of the gui which did work correctly.

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