We are providing full service for streaming services, including integration with your HTML and including configuring your encoder computer.

Prices start only from $35 per month for thousands of viewer hours.

Here is a list of what we do:

Live streaming - stream live TV, radio or live events!

True streaming - stream large files, long video/audio clips with instant streaming, don't have to wait until big part of file will get downloaded before it will start playing!

Progressive download - old technology - with our focus you will still get the best service!

DRM - if you would like to password protect you live stream - we have a solution for you!

DVR - if you would like for your viewers to be able to scroll back while watching live video (up to one year!) - we can do that for you!

Mobile streaming - live and true streaming to iPhone/iPad, BlackBerry and Android!

Mobile streaming apps - if you would like to see your streaming apps in the AppStores for iPhone/iPad, Blackberry and Android - we can do that too!

We own our data centers and our next generation for live streaming premium network is especially effective for International customers.

Give us a call at 1-800-56tulix or send an email at [email protected]