We are offering WHT members a one time special!

We are offering UK DIDs for 10/year. (Excludes VAT if applicable)

We can offer all UK Ranges.

We can give you block ranges of numbers with 5 or 10 consecutive numbers (ideal for business)

Each DID will have 5 channels and will be delivered to SIP/IAX.

Unlimited incoming minutes and additional channels can be purchased.

This offer is for 01 & 02 numbers. We can also offer Toll Free 0800 numbers and kick back 0844 numbers (rates apply. 0844 number we pay you per minute.).

All numbers are hosted on our wholesale enterprise platform and come with our 99.5% uptime SLA.

There is no minimum purchase. You can order just one DID and grow from there.

Payment is via Bank Transfer (UK Bank based). We do except Paypal, but a surcharge of 5% applies to cover fees.

If you order 10 DIDS. We will give you one DID free. (You pay for 9)

For anyone who knows a bit about the industry, we are NOT Resellers. We own physical rights to these numbers and currently finishing receiving our allocation from OFCOM. If you require more ports (concurrent calls) no problem. We limit numbers to a max of 800 concurrent calls. But if you require more than 800 channels (99.9999% sure you would not) we can add more ports.

If you are interested or require more information, please send us a personal message.

Frequently asked questions we have been asked before:

Q: Do I have to be a UK Resident to have a UK DID number?
A: No

Q: Can these be used for calling cards?
A: Yes, no problem. However if you order a number with 50 or more ports, we will require a quarterly traffic forecast.

Q: How can you be so cheap? Surely your network suffers?
A: We would not say we are cheap. Low cost. Yes. But not cheap. Our network does not suffer. In fact, we have 3 (what we call) telecom clouds that deal with our traffic. These are based on VMWare Grid Technology and we just add more servers if and when we need to cope with more traffic. Also a lot of our carrier equipment is Nokia and Cisco Carrier Class equipment. When you receive a call, we receive a small payment/minute. However not enough to make profit on, but enough to help contribute to the cost of maintaining the network.

Q: How does the 99.5% SLA work?
A: Well we work the SLA on a Yearly basis. Now obviously we perform maintenance. So we will make you aware of this and will perform the maintenance out of trading hours her in the UK. However should there be a down time, then we will refund the amount as credit on your account. Up until 75% of the DID cost.

Q: Do i get a panel to update my SIP/IAX address.
A: We are currently working on that. We propose that it will be finished by mid-february.