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    Advice needed: Intergrated or standalone? php seems to be everywhere.


    Sorry for the vague topic. I'm not really sure how to ask this. But in general what are the main types of code/language I need to learn and do you have any resorces that can help me?

    It seems like there are so many pre built addons for web sites now that I'm wondering if anyone is still building standalone site?

    I'm still really new to web design so I've spent most of my time trying to integrate my site using addons. It's alot of trouble and I feel like all i'm ever doing is editing someone else s work instead of designing. Is this the normal way of doing thing now?

    I first got into web design about 7 years ago just enough to get my feet wet. Now I'm coming back to it and it seems like a lot has changed.

    Used to it was code code code design code code code. Now I'm spending hours reading about other peoples programs and trying to figure out how to edit forum, shopping cart, chat, blog, photo gallery, video gallery, and other software to get them working and looking uniform in my site.

    Then you have 5 different peoples copyright info in your page its a real pain. Is this really normal?

    I'd like to learn how to just design my own site. So I can have all this stuff without having to spend hours searching for styles to X addon then editing it to work on 10 other addons.

    What types of code/language do i need to learn and do you have any links that may help me out?

    Thanks for the advice and help.

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    I know what you mean. These days every site is a hacked version of some open source app. I personally prefer to hand code everything from scratch, but if you need a lot of the functionality of an open source app, you can save a lot of time by building on top of the work they've already done.
    99% of this stuff if php/mysql. The website has some great tutorials if you're looking to learn a little more about that. For the front end you'll need to know some html/css, w3schools is a great place for tutorials there.
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    Most people learn HTML / CSS then PHP.

    I myself don't really know php too well (I know the basics)- however I use wordpress (a PHP application) on almost every website I work with... And this works just fine as a) its quicker for me. b) the customer gets a higher quality product.

    If you want to learn another language yourself ( a backend one like php) - id actually suggest stayign away from PHP and learning Ruby w/Rails as its better paid (as theres less rails programmers) and easier to get a job usually.
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    Thanks for the advice. I'm not really looking to get a job. I'm mainly wanting to learn php because its so wide spread. At least it seems like every addon program i've wanted to use on one of my sites uses php. That's got me thinking that once I learn php I'll have a much better understanding of how I can do similar things on my sites. I've also looked into ASP NET I'm not really sure how it compairs with php. I've heard that it's better to learn ASP NET but i haven't found anything that uses it as far as i know.

    I have a mild understanding of html, css, and flash so I think i'm going to start on php. I've been working on a site that has a forum, image/video gallery, blog, shopping cart, and chat/im/test messaging pages. It's been really "fun" trying to get all these different addons working together.

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    2,193 won't be very useful these days unless you're looking for a job. Most of the web stuff these days is in php.
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    I used to code my own sites when I had the time. But now It pays for me to just use what others have already done. I would say if you had the time then learn it & do it yourself, otherwise there is always Wordpress..

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    We build all client sites from scratch and have never been interested in any of the templates and themes.

    I doubt very seriously anything that's already been made for free or sell on the net would ever fit the bill for one of our client's needs in a web site.

    We don't even look at them and I personally get tired of so many look alike sites now and move on when I hit on one doing searches unless "their product" catches my eye, not there site theme and if they've got flash bouncing all over the page then I make a fast exit.

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    I write all my sites from scratch. I find it much easier to modify at a later date, and it fills me with a sense of... achievement. It also allows your site to be a little more custom, and often it will load faster as you won't have an extras that you don't need!


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    I believe there is no general answer to this. We mostly use CMS + pre design templates and sometimes we are using from scratch method for special websites. Whats the point of developing a website from scratch when we have already develop dozens of similar projects?

    I dont like the way thinks work now either. There are many people out there claiming their selfs web designers and the only think they do is to install a cms and a copy a theme on it. These people are negatively affecting Web Design market in quality and price.

    I believe you can still do things right even if you use a CMS and a copy theme. If you have skills you can do modifications and be unique

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