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Thread: Hello Everyone

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    Cool Hello Everyone

    Hi everyone of WebHostingTalk.

    I'd like to introduce my self to everyone, as I been over looking the forums lately, and following up on some interesting stuff.

    I joined to become an a part of this live community, and hopefully help some users, also provide my assistance where needed, and learn an few things.

    I'm fairly new, so I'll be taking it slow my first few days here learning how everything works here after reading the rules and such but I'm usually an quick learner and if I have any question's I'll be sure to ask.

    My Name is Shane, and I'm an fanatic about computer assistance, repair, and working with people to make them happy with there services.

    I am currently employed with CleverKite. I'm an Sales/Support Specialist, other wise known as an Customer Service Representative also

    I'm happy to become an member here, and I hope to meet an few of you guy's and become friends to work with each other.

    I currently also run an non-profit origination called FusionNET (not an public place) but it offers certain kinds of services provided by the team to our community (forums/IRC) to things of Management Services, OpenBSD Free Shells, along with other types of free services, We are an growing, and strong team that we have been together for about 5 years now. Growing every day,

    I hope being here I learn and few things to benefit FusionNET, my overall experience working with Computers, Servers, and Clients with anything they need.

    Thank you,

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    Welcome to WHT, Shane. That was quite an intro. We're happy to have you here too.

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    Hello CK-Shane, welcome. Enjoy your visits.

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    Hey mate, nice to have you join up.

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    Welcome, and that's great that you run a non-profit.

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    Hello guys,I am new here, I am from USA.I am student of University,Currently I have doing MBA.I am regular user of internet.My hobby like a watching TV and listing English song.I am new this forum So I want great information regarding this forum.Thanks in advance.

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    Hi to all i am Gideon.I am new here and enjoying this community.

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    welcome CK-Shane, thumbs up for the non-profit

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    Hey there welcome

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    Welcome to WHT. Enjoy and have a nice time here..

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