Just pulled this the other day having replaced it with some new machines, it's spent it's life in DataCentre environments with stable power & no dust.
It's a 1U SuperMicro SuperServer Chassis (Think it's an SC812 Chassis) with a SuperMicro motherboard (X5DE8 is mentioned on Boot). There's 4x512MB Dimms installed for 2GB of RAM, and Dual 2.4Ghz Xeon CPU's. RAID support is provided by an Intel SRCU32 Dual Channel SCSI RAID Controller with 256Mb of Cache, and 3x 36GB U160 SCSI Drives.
I can't offer any warranty on the drives, but will offer a 7Day warranty on the rest of the hardware.
Rack Rails are included.
After 100, including shipping for it within Mainland UK. Would make an ideal starter colo box, and it's been rock solid for us since purchase!