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    [WTH] Need a professional server manager ! URGENT !

    I need someone with loads of experience to setup and optimize my server.
    i can pay by monthly basis or per job basis.
    I need this done on 3 of my server at the moment.
    all of them should be on same setup.

    #I want you to configure :
    nginx + phpmyadmin +mysql + php + pureftpd + eaccelerator+ php fastcgi + pfp-fpm + mailserver

    #I am not planning to use any control panel with it.

    #I am NOT planning to have another web server along with nginx and than setup nxing as frontend or backend to such server

    I want pure nginx configuration.

    #configure nginx to use php-fastcgi / php-fpm
    and webroot to : /home/lsedlsrv/public_html/

    configure pure-ftpd with user : lsedlsrv , pass : same as root pass and home directory : /home/lsedlsrv/

    configure the mailserver with php sendmail()

    #configure phpmyadmin to on port 81
    I mean on port 81 , and remove the phpMyAdmin directory from the public_html folder for security reasons.

    I dont want mysqli.

    #Don't forget to turn on php error reporting.

    And optimize the server configuration (php / nginx) for heavy traffic/load site.
    the site does not serve any static content, its a file download site, but streams the files via php from different storage servers like amazon s3 etc

    The server must be secured against ddos attacks and such

    I need it done as soon as possible, on 3 servers.
    the server setup/optimization should be perfect.
    nothing should go wrong, it must be able to handle 1000+ requests per second without any problem.

    the server specs are pretty good, its 1Gbit full duplex , 8GB ram, 2xquad xeon

    Please quote me your price by PM or post here.
    I can pay via paypal

    monthly basis includes : fixing any problem / security loophole whenever it occurs at any time

    If you can not do this and know someone / some company who can, Please let me know I really need this.

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    I can handle this for you.

    I forwarded some information and questions to you, if you're interested I am more than happy to work with you.


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    I would love to help you with this. I'm very experienced with this kind of setups. Please send me an email to sysadmin [at] radudi dot com.

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    I can have this done in a couple hours for you. I have been a Linux Systems Administrator for the past 12 years and also have a team of 4 people working with me. For testimonials visit

    Our monthly server management package would cover this for only $30 per month.

    Let me know if you still need assistance.

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    Please check your PM. Thanks!
    Server Management l 24/7/365 l Linux l Windowsl 15+ years experience
    sales [at] - for general inquiries
    911 [at] - for any urgent help

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