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    High Assurance SSL Cert. Help

    Hi everyone..I've been reading the posts here on ssl but couldnt find an answer to my question....

    I am about to put up an ecommerce site. I have hosting already and decided to go with private SSL and purchased the dedicated ip option. I'm looking for a cert that is of high assurance but cheap and easy to install. I dont want our customers getting SSL warnings or anything like that. I've heard Rapid SSL and Comodo getting thrown around but not sure. Anyone have any ideas as to what is pretty good out there and cheap? Thanks!

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    If you have decided to go with private SSL then in this case your hosting company better help to you.

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    Go with RapidSSL from

    Works fine and is literally provided within minutes of ordering, otherwise namecheap also offer the free positivessl one (works fine too) with a domain name purchase (you can't their free positivessl one though - but no big deal - go with rapidssl at that point)
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    Really depends what you mean by "high assurance."

    Namecheap is just a reseller, and the RapidSSL is the lowest rung of their offerings, so the certificate will say something like "Verified by GeoTrust" on mouseover, but if clicked, will add "organization unknown," or some such, depending on the browser.

    Any certificate that actually provides verification of the organization, will cost probably at least $100 or so. Otherwise, it's just domain vaildation, which means that the domain has a working email address and the person who bought the cert has access to it.

    It just depends on your business. If you anticipate a large volume of transactions with relatively little customer interaction, then the payment page (and the cert) just became a much bigger part of the credibility of your site. On the other hand, if you have a lot of information about your products, and/or a lot of interaction with customers, then that becomes a major source of old-fashioned assurance.

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