Synopsis -- Copyright has always been a contentious issue, and no more so than now, with digital works becoming embroiled in arguments about who has the right to use and reuse items created by individuals via digital methods. Even with centuries of publishing-related law behind us, the online publishing arena has challenged the usual assumptions about copyright in ways that were not foreseen by those working in the medium.

Slawski brings his considerable experience and intellect to the issue, discussing the legal implications of copyright online and the various ways in which creations never before envisioned (such as music remixes, the content displayed by search engines, applications developed by individuals, etc.) are changing the landscape. Even if you don't think that what you do involves copyright issues, consider how you might one day have to deal with the sticky problem of finding chunks of your carefully created website content appearing on someone else's site with no attribution, no links, no notion that it was created by you -- or worse -- appearing in an environment that could be harmful to your business.

Bill offers a discussion of the issues involved, but also some straightforward methods for dealing with the problem if you find yourself a victim of copyright infringement. Until the law catches up with the speed of digital development, it's a wise move to remain educated on the issue and on specific steps you can take to avoid legal entanglement.

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